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“We were honoured to have our feature film enjoy its Canadian premiere at this year’s Muskoka Independent Film Festival. There is a strong representation of local and domestic films with a blend of the best of international indie films. Well organized event and hope to have future films shown at this festival. ” Tom Strand  – Mountain Goat Film Company (2016) 

“An incredible festival with a warm, welcoming community and event organizers! Great selection of films presented by an amazing host. I was greatly impressed and will be submitting future projects to this festival.”  Scott Jarvie – filmmaker (2016) 

“2015 was a stellar year for The Muskoka Independent Film Festival; they were very welcoming and representing Canadian films with an eagerness that made attending this event a pleasure… 2016 will surely be the same great experience…I have short being represented this year and I am thoroughly proud to be part of this emerging festival one more time!!!”  John Nicol – filmmaker (2015)



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